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Rumors are running rampent in regards to what Apple’s iSlate/iPad/iNeed it device is going to have feature wise. Talks of a front facing camera for video conferencing, raised type screen bumps that reach up to meet your fingers like some sort of star trek inspired tech geek’s dream. Man I hope it can blend specialty coffee’s too! Of course there will be the publishing content deals with magazines and books to effectively seek out and destroy Amazon’s Kindle marketshare. But I wasn’t sure this was enough to make it one of those must have devices for me.

I really don’t like reading a magazine or a book on a screen and honestly I’ve yet to see anyone with a Kindle despite Amazon’s claim that everyone owns one at this very moment. I Still prefer old school paper for that…and my laptop suits the rest of my needs fine but I think I know what will seal the deal for me in a tablet. If it included a pressure sensitive stylus. “Gasps” you say “Steve Jobs already said a stylus was lame and must be thrown to the sacrificial fire!” But hear me out. This iPad could be a perfect computer for a illustrator or designer if it had a pressure sensitive stylus!

This would effectively go after Wacom’s market with their digital LCD Cintiq. I would love to no longer have to hook up my Cintiq to my laptop and then reboot plus you’ll be amazed how many cables the Cintiq has and it’s power source brick. Not exaclty what you call pick up and draw device. But a tablet running OS-X with Painter and Magna Studios on it. Now that makes me drool. I could just suddenly start sketching anytime I felt like it…and I love the feature of “Undo” as opposed to an eraser. The Cintiq already costs $999 by it’s self. The supposed price point of the iTablet is around that and you get a whole computer included! Sign me up if that’s the case. Check out a demo here!