lately I’ve been encountering a lot of what I’d call creative elitism in the design community both online and around town. I know there’s always been the stereotype of the guy in the black sweater with his goatee and retro glasses ( I like my retro style glasses thank you very much.) But I’m a bit concerned about how some designers feel like they are a cut above everyone else. Don’t you remember those groups in school that looked down on everyone because they were the self appointed cool kids well surprise it apparently has continued on into adulthood just new titles. The idea that a designer is somehow entitled to look down on other people or to look down at their clients or that they have the only answer and won’t listen to others is ridiculous. That’s throwing up walled fences around their little now gated community and the only way to make things better is everyone working together not some sort of trickle down economics of creativity. Putting yourself in a creative elitists class isolates and chips away at that passion of what you loved about design to begin with. Your client or that guy you met working the coffee shop is most likely just as creative as you but in totally different areas of interest just because they can’t pick pantones or fonts doesn’t make them any less of a person that you. We only have a short time on this planet and God gave you a gift to use your brain creatively for visual design or illustration so don’t get arrogant because as soon as you do you’ve stopped growing as a designer and worst of all as a human being.