bloatwareI recently posted about how much I like Flux versus Dreamweaver. With it’s emphasis on being intuitive and focused on what to do that a web designer needs. But one thing that I really liked about it too was getting rid of the clutter and un-needed features in an interface and how smaller the application was. Mac applications in general have amazing intuitive interface design. But there’s a couple of app titans out there that are still kicking and screaming into that idea. That’s Adobe and Microsoft. Adobe’s general interfaces really haven’t changed since their most early versions of software. What has changed though is they’ve added more and more bloated features and windows and fucntions to their software. The result a 1000 pound gorilla you’re taking to the horse race. What I’m happy to see is people are actually competing against these monsters of software. You have competition to things like Office with Open Office, iWorks, etc that are either free or substantially at a lower cost point. Acorn and Gimp are taking their shot at the Photoshop juggernaut and if they can get some of the compatibility issues resolved they’ll have something pretty solid. These new apps are a much smaller foot print in file size and often offer the same functionality minus a few of the features only a handful of people ever even think about using so I’ll take my software on a diet thank you very much. It’s also much better on my wallet.