the flux interface

My holy grail has been for a WYSIWYG editor to truly handle CSS layout intuitively and properly. While Dreamweaver is very powerful it’s lasting roots are in traditional table layouts and their CSS preview has a lot to be desired plus it’s an interface that’s quite overwelming and confusing. What I’ve been seeking is a CSS layout program that is designed for designers not coders. Program like Codoa and CSS edit really appeal to hard core developers and not the visual layout designer. It’s never really made sense to me that people work in a text editing view to render something visually it seems archaic and counterintuitive. That’s a big reason I got so excited with the prospects of a program called “Flux” by a company called The Escapers. Their current release 2.47.7 and its quite impressive. I’ve been working for only a short while with the 30 demo and already see the tremendous amount of productivity gains from this app. All your css atributes are presented in intuitive side dialog boxes while you can still edit in a code view I think you’ll find the layout interface a breath of fresh air from the tedium coding. Drag and drop your elements, lists, divs, and tables while still adhering to css standards and simply point and click to make adjustments. it’s the closes I’ve seen yet to bridging the gap of desktop layout to web page layout. Check out this screencast of Flux in action. 1.21 gigawatts not needed.