deck stools

1. DeckStools

made from recycled skatedboards with it’s own weathered look that comes natural from the wear and tear it the pieces went through ($150)

Gig Posters

2. Gig Poster Book

Chronicles many great piece of rock show art from the 21st century. I think some of the most creative and unique artwork is being done on the rock promotion scene these days. Also features easy pull out pages so you can hang them on the wall. ($50)

3.Marqueee Alphabet Lights

Ever want a giant letter over your office desk? Well here’s your chance to make it a big show. Might be a bit expensive to spell out your whole name though so pick your favorite letter carefully. ($178)

4. Zoku Quick Pop Maker

Now you can create your own customized frozen pops, including cream-filled varieties, in as few as seven minutes. The nonstick cast-aluminum molds have a proprietary solution sealed inside their bases to enable rapid, uniform freezing – no electricity required. ($50)


5. Bilk Threadless Wall Graphics

Get some of those sweet Threadless t-shirt designs on your walk with Bilk Wall Graphics. These are giant stickers so peel carefully:)


6. Type Selector

If you’re familiar with the Pantone color guide and can’t imagine working without it at your desk and in presentations and meetings, have you ever wondered why there’s not an equivalent tool for fonts and typefaces? ($35)

7. Photoshop magnets

your fridge is now your biggest workspace screen ever with these unique photoshop interface magnets. ($18.75)

House Book

8. House Ten Year Book

Retro is in baby! House Industries is one of my favorite font foundries who also do some unique merchandise using their font products. Yeah I know they say this book is sold out but get on the list to get one and check out the other books and fonts and goodies they have. (unavailable pricing)


9. Type Coasters

Stylish and hip for that typography lover in your family. serif fonts sans coffee drink. ($45)

500 color pencils

10. 500 color pencils

get 25 new color pencils every month in the mail until you get the full 500 collection with this fun subscription service. Good luck finding a place to put them all but what an amazing collection to have. Seems like they covered the whole pantone collection on these. ($30 a month for 20 months)