So I read that rupport murdock of the always bias and highly entertaining Fox News and Washington post that he’ll be pulling content from Google so it can no longer be searcheable. His presumption that he’s offering some sort of unique valuable content people are actually willing to pay for? Sooo as usual big business forgets what it’s like to be a customer and they start running in fear from the inevitable monster that is the Internet. News that would have normally come out of the Wallstreet Journal are just regurgitated headlines found across the press release and blogsphere and more importantly the twittersphere. in effect the King has lost it’s clothes and doesn’t even know it. By effectively trying to put up a glass wall around their content and trying to get people to pay for a subscription to their content people will simply seek it out elsewhere for free. They’re not offering anything substantial different or valuable that a 1000 others are who many times are more informed and more intelligent bloggers and have already posted it on twitter up. Sorry Newspapers you will not survive the democraticization of information. The best you can hope for is a small loyal following to your little portal of commentary reporting online but you’ll be at the same level as the rest of us. The playing field has been leveled…may the best blogger win.