Interesting article about how Apple now is the most profitable handset maker but only has 2.5 percent of the total cell phone market surpassing Nokia now in profitability. Read the full article here.

What I love about Apple is they stay out of the race to the bottom rather than putting out large quantity mass produced cheap crap to try to dominate the market (you hear me Dell, and RIP Gateway), they decided to make a product that is amazing. With the iPod they had perfect timing to actually take over that market but I don’t believe that was their end goal it was just lucky timing. Worrying less about taking over the entire cell phone market much like their computer share they have an amazing product that earns them high profit margin because people will pay more for VALUE and a trusted BRAND. I stress that word VALUE!!! You get more for your buck with the entire Apple experience (hardware/software/online/retail/support/quality). Do it great, stop worrying about destroying your competition, worry more about doing something amazing that your customers will love. That’s how to be successful and yes I know I’m a total Apple fanboy, but I’m a fan of what is great not mediocre or mass market so I’ll take that as a compliment.