Who are these people? I’ve never seen them in any office I’ve been in yet. This article talks about how stock photos aren’t true representation of the companies they’re trying to portray. I mostly agree but the flip side is the difficulty in convincing a client they need to invest in hiring a photographer to take some quality photos of them in the office or their clients which could run them hundreds or even thousands of dollars when they see a stock photo for $5 as a better alternative. I would lean towards the nice stock photo over someone using their new digital camera and trying to shot photos themselves. The selection of reasonably priced stock photos which might seem large is actually quite small when it comes to very specific types of photos you’re looking for at a quality level you need. That’s why you’ll see a lot of the same photos creeping up in multiple sites. There’s a much smaller selection of reasonably prices and the highest quality a customer needs. Places like Istock and Shutterstock offer a large selection at low prices while places like photodisc have a smaller selection at amazing quality but the prices are ridiculous high. I think if someone found a middle ground they could make a killing in the market, or better yet photographers that offer special package pricing for web usage.