Is this the potential of pure design function over aesthetics

Is this the potential future of pure design function over aesthetics sensibilities

Apple is leading the pack when it comes to the industrial design but I’m wondering where they can really take the design direction next? The ipod has become a super thin piece of aluminium…very sleek, powerful and caters to absolute usability but how can you change the design now? They’ve continuously stripped away elements down to the core aesthetics and I don’t see how they can improve on it aesthetics-wise. Johnathan Ives must be sitting around twittering his thumbs. I’ve seen this is design approach across multiple markets. Furniture design like that from IKEA emphasises minimal aesthetics and pure functional form but doesn’t it just seem a little sterile? Minimal font usage on simple stark backgrounds, commercials with just a white background? So is good design merely a result of great useability or do we run the risk of creating boring sterile environments and products akin to living in the land of THX 1138 as seen above? When I visit antique stores and look at the old advertising and wood crafted furniture there’s a totally different type of care and craftsmanship that went into these products. hand drawn, painted intricate designs that obviously took tremendous amount of time and care. This level of detail and intricacy in design we just don’t see anymore today when you can just use a computer and crank out something. While I definitely appreciate the pure design forms and simple usability focus at the same time miss a time when craftsmanship and artistic expression was more in focus. It could just be the artist in me.