Great design is the best means of building an indirect relationship with your customers and giving them value with your service. It encompasses everything about your business and how it interacts with the client not simply the aesethtic treatments and it should be honest and authentic and demonstrate a company’s core values. Remember that your employees are  just important as your customers. How do they perceive themselves as contributing to the customer and to bettering their own life experience as part of your organization? 

This approach has to be engrained with everyone in the company from the top down as a primary strategic approach of your business. It’s the responsibility of everyone not just the designer to creates an enriching customer experience. It doesn’t happen overnight and you continue to have to fight for the quality of design across the board. Listen to your designers because they are the people who best can help you understand the human element in your market and how to connect to your customers needs in unarticulated ways on emotional levels.

Just look at how your clients respond to designs. This is an emotional connection. Design can uncover  new markets or client needs you weren’t even aware of. Give your designers the time and ability to experiment and even fail as long as they’re moving forward. If we look to learn rather than just being right than we’re already succeeding. It’s not something you can quantify in a spreadsheet  but it can truly transform your business into a leading powerhouse of creative ingenuity and a successful design culture.