This unique approach to working habits turns our perception of our own value in the work place on its ear. We shouldn’t have to worry about being confined to our office/cubicle and locking ourselves into particular hours. Your physical location no longer matters or when you are doing your work. What matters is the results. Did you meet your goals? Are you being productive? It’s no longer how long you sat in the office for the day or if you were stuck in a meeting. Creativity and inspiration can come at different times during the day and week so why do we confine ourselves to 8 to 5. Take the morning off and then if you want to  work later in the evening then go ahead. Come into the office or not at all that day, get the work done on your time not the company’s. With email and the phone you can still do your work just as effectively at the coffee shop or at home in your PJ’s and if there’s an emergency they can reach you. Treat adults like adults and they’ll be more productive. Give them control over their time so they can enjoy life and enjoy their work and manage it like the rest of their activities. As long as your meeting your goals and objectives why should you tie yourself to a location and a clock. Best Buy has been using this method for their corporate offices and employee satisfaction and retention have steadily gone up since it’s adoption as well as huge gains in productivity. The stats back-up the theory. I suggest everyone take a look at this book to think about work differently. I only wish the book gave a bit more in depth steps of how to switch over to a ROWE (Results Only Work Environment), but I think that’s why they have the kits you can order or to hire them for consulting services.