I’m sorry but I do have another design rant. Pepsi spent nearly a million dollars on this new logo and I just don’t think they got their money’s worth. Was it even necessary to do a new rebrand anways, let alone the cost it’s going to be for changing all their vending machines, trucks, and marketing materials. Was their visual brand not currently successful for them? You need real communication justification to address a problem for such a massive marketing effort. So let’s start with the few positives. I like the idea of a simplified design approach but not sure if it fits for this product line. The darker blue in the background gives a nice contrast against the lighter blue in the swoosh with the subtle gradients at the base and top. There that sums up the positives. Now onto what needs some work.

Font choice…ugh…yeah another thin line web 2.0 font. It’s almost so subtle you don’t even see it and reading it on a vertical axis makes it that much more difficult. A cold and sterile choice. Hilarious that between the different versions of Pepsi the symbol mark actually changes it’s shape breaking the golden rule of branding consistency. It looks like a side profile of a plumbers butt crack. The more crack you can see the more calories you’re drinking. Unintentional humor by their designer? The zero cal,carb,sug almost looks like an design element as a giant letter “O” people might not get the cal,carb,sug. A little too minimalist in that regards.

And yet more abbreviations as Mountain Dew is changed to MTN Dew. That font choice is beyond me. It’s sort of 80’s bad vibe to it but it has a sense of rushed thought process to it. It doesn’t exude the energy and impact that traditional Mountain Dew has been associated with in their previous marketing efforts and simply using red as the complimentary contrast colors gives it too much of a Christmas vibe complete with pine trees in the background.
Sierra Mist. Oh it’s Mist…so let’s do the font as a mist. I already saw that movie…it didn’t end well. That redesign is probably the weakest of all the product lines.

Listen, if your going to spend huge amounts of money to redesign your brand, then really try to push past the envelope and then come back away from the edge a few steps and see where you are. This was a poor evolution for Pepsi and more tragic detours for Sierra Mist and Mountain Dew brands. I think a board of directors had a bit too much to say in these. “Well, we want a new brand but not too new, we want it high techy so it’s sort of futuristic. Oh we like that new Obama logo can we do something along those lines. Everyone’s is doing that social media style thing. Let’s get on that wagon.” You need to have a good reason to recreate your branding especially with the price tag that it comes with, and I just don’t see any clear justification of why this was done. Stop following generic aesthetics and design trends and set your branding apart so your brand can withstand the test of time. You and your client will both be happier.