Trader Joe's is a great shopping experience

My wife and I were down in Novi for another repair on her iMac (long story but we’ll say that gravity was involved and the Mac shouldn’t take the blame.) Anyways on the way back we stopped at a grocery store called Trader Joe’s. My wife had heard online that there was some good organic food choices there for here special diet. East Lansing does have a store somewhat like it called “Foods for Living” which we like but find their prices a bit on the steep side. However Trade Joe’s is a different story. They buy their products direct from the producers and sell it under their own brand name. They also change suppliers frequently so if they find a particular product isn’t performing well then it’s pulled from the shelves. Nice to see that a can of lima beans has to pull it’s own weight around there.

Their organic natural foods are usually priced lower than competitors as well often being priced lower than the non-organic equivalents you find at other chain stores. Sure you could live on organic groceries from the other stores but all you could afford would be the organic mac and cheese and a box of erbal tea. Not a good way to support a family of 5.

What I really liked about Trader Joe’s was the store itself. It had a sort of quaint old town store feel to it. The signs were hand painted and the decore was a sort of island retreat, even down to the detail of bambo aisle signs and hand painted wall murals. Even their recycle bags were custom designed with fun tropical prints. There was no sterile endless giant grocery isles in a sea of stainless steel freezers, no markdown sales tags, no gimmicks, no discount cards, no self checkout computers, and very few brand name items. It certainly didn’t feel like your typical impersonable grocery-supermart.  The workers dressed casually some wearing Hawaiian shirts and they were genuinely happy to be working there and helping people. And there were a lot of customers…apparently Joe’s is not a well kept secret. I think their success can be attributed to it giving back a small bit of that sense of community we’ve lost with all these cookie cutter chain stores taking over our town’s streets. Now if we can just get one in East Lansing. 

It was a great grocery shopping experience and this is coming from someone who hates shopping. So much so that we plan to make some regular trips down there to stock up on some healthy organic food. Definitely swing by one of the stores if you’re in the area.

You don't hear of this too often in a grocery store. If you don't like it bring it back.

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He who must not be named has closed this register

Sorry for the blurry image. The sign says "He who must not be named has closed this register!" Children of the corn movie reference, 2 points.