I finally got my phone and DSL service switched over from TDS to AT&T today. Besides all the acronyms to remember, the switch took nearly 2 weeks and was probably one of the worse experiences I’ve had in getting a service up and running. Their customer support phone system passed me from department to department and person to person never actually letting me talk to the final person that could actually get the problems fixed. Automated computer voices asking me the same questions over and over again didn’t help either. By the way someone out their needs to redesign customer support systems. Apple you hearing me?

AT&T has become the giant monster of smaller telephone companies it’s devoured over the past few years promising better service but under delivering. It’s for all intents and purposes a Monopoly. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. You know what causes a company to no longer have great service and great products? It’s when there’s no true competition left and they just don’t care anymore…because well they don’t have to.  There’s no passion left and no sense of urgency. It becomes a well feed pet whose every needs are already being met and it gets lazy, bloated, and bogged down in it’s own bureaucracy.

I find the most exciting companies are one’s facing their own tough challenges and outside competition. It’s about the people keeping the business pushing forward, innovating and not resting on the fence. Knowing that you might not be in 1st place right now but that you’re doing a good job for your customers and you know you can do better. This keeps you humble and keeps you motivated to improve. When everyone is contributing and has a passion to see the company succeed they are a part of that success and not just a nameless worker. A successful company is one that still has that hunger to fight the good fight. Sure, not everyone can get the silver race car but it’s even worse to be the thimble and there’s no one else playing.