Below is my latest design work. A promotional poster for John Carpenter’s Halloween that I created on the Wacom Cintiq 12WX Digital tablet. It’s a very comfortable and easy to use digitizer that allows me to draw in the most natural way, directly on the actual screen. It’s got a pretty hefty price tag of $999 but in comparison to my Intuos this just blows it out of the water and well worth the investment. I finally feel like I’m back to real sketching and illustrating except now I have a “undo” function built in. The tablet also  has a great feel to it with the pen and active digital eraser as well as the customizable buttons and track pads on either side of the drawing surface to program all your shortcuts. There’s quite a few cables for it for the DVI, power, and USB hookup but it’s pretty easy to setup, install, and configure. The Mac immediately recognizes it as a second monitor and in no time your sketching away.

 This poster has landed me an opportunity to work with to do movie posters for their midnight film showings at a local theater in New Hampshire. I can’t expressed how excited I am about this opportunity. It brings together my love for b-movies, horror, sci-fi and my love for illustration in an all you can eat buffet of coolness.


here’s a video of the Cintiq in action.