dialog box

Apple always makes great interfaces

I found this neat little feature in Quicktime Pro that allows you to import a mask layer image directly into your movie clip. Basically I needed to crop down a movie but not actually shrink the content to fit into the smaller window. I Only needed to crop off the extraneous data at the bottom of the clip so it would be a much smaller file size when I imported it into Flash as well as being more in tune to the shape I needed for the background of my animated header. (I do not in anyway condone the use or creation of animated headers..please consult your physician before attempting to make your own animated header.)


So heres how. First open your quicktime movie and go to “Window” then “Show movie Properties” and you’ll get this nice little dialog box. Can you sense the power? It does a lot of other nifty things but I just wanted to crop my film.


You’ll notice that you can choose a image to create a mask in the left box. I quickly created a image in photoshop the full size of my movie which is 380 by 216. Then in my image file I create a thinner black box where my movie would play through and saved the file out as a 2 color .GIF. Quicktime then cuts away the white and crops down to the black box automatically. I select the “extract” button in the upper left and blam! I now I have a perfectly sized self contained movie file with the extra stuff cut away. Very handy! Hey I know it’s not rocket science but it’s the little things that impress me.