Blogging Heroes

Blogging Heroes is a compliation of interviews with 30 of the top bloggers in the industry. While there wasn’t a lot of “secrets of my success” revelations in this book, it is still a very inspirational dialog of how people that had a passion for something became successful in their field. They never went out to persue fame with their blogs or to make mountains of money. In fact many of them don’t put advertising on their sites or generate revenue directly from it. They simply wanted to write about what they loved and were open and honest about creating a open dialog between them and their readers. Readers can tell when you’re trying too hard (such as the annoying market jargon) or are being insincere (bias product reviews to benefit your advertisers.) It’s also important to find your niche as a blogger as there are a lot of voices out there covering a whole array of topics. You have to find that unique approach and voice.

SEO techniques aren’t view as critical because if you build great content people will find it and word gets around but you need to make sure web standards are adhered to and you have URL titles that are readable. Both users and the search engines also expect you to be consistent with your reviews. This is something I struggle with as well with huge gaps in time between posts. You run the risk of losing your viewers but don’t simply post everyday just for the sake of posting. Try to develope a regular routine, perhaps it’s just a weekly posting like I do on That way you can give yourself some time to think about what you want to say and in my case fix a thousand typos and go through a few re-writes. You also may wish to consider writing a few reviews in advanced so you have some backups to fill in those weeks when you’re behind. If only I would take my own advice!

Crosslinking is vital. Always talk with others in your field. Link to them, talk about them, comment in their sites and make it a sincere dialog…not just a quick link back to your own site. It all ties back to your personal brand and how people will perceive you. Be honest and open about who you are, continue to sharpen your writing skills and be patient with your blog’s traffic. It takes time and dedication but with sincerity, commitment, and passion the success will follow.