“Yet another Charleton Heston Reference…I’m on a roll!”

I was reading this article on cnn about how Google is starting to lose a lot of their key people. Definitely a red flag to a company that’s supposed to be about innovation and being one the top places to work. Reading some of their perks like massages, all you can eat cuisine, and obviously the big salary checks you’d have to wonder why people are leaving in droves at every level. While I think it’s great that Google gives dedicated time for it’s employees to create innovative ideas and hires a lot of passionate people with their own entrepeneurships ideas, that can be a double edged sword.

You always run the risk that those type of people will want to go out on their own to start pursuing their own dreams when they don’t feel like the company is supportive and has lost that type of innovative drive that they have. My opinion is that Google is more a corporate monster like Microsoft than they’d lead on. They’re not as nimble as they used to be. Where’s the innovation? Where’s that passion? They’ve become complacent in their cash cow of their their advertisement division and majority control of the search industry. What other innovation from them has really taken off or that was something so amazing that it was an industry changer? When you’re the big elephant sitting on the fence someone is liable to knock you down (I have no idea what that analogy means but it sounds good!)

Anybody even remember Google Chat, gmail is ok but lacks any serious innovation over other comparable web mail services. Yahoo mail offers a superior user experience in my opinion. When you look at a company like Apple and Facebook you see them changing the game in several areas while constantly evolving and improving. Google seems to be more of a follower not a leader anymore and the talent that once got them to the successful company they are now are heading off to pursue newer greener pastures.