I’ve been noticing a trend with movie poster designs lately and it’s a sad commentary about mass production and the lack of originality. They’re mostly large photos of movie star faces in a blue duotones looking serious with possibly a smaller background image. This isn’t neccessarily a reflection on the quality of the movie but it shows a lack of creativity and originlity on the studios part in how they want to promote their films. I’m just concerned the creative craftsmanship that used to go into poster design has been lost to some studio executives deciding they know what looks best or simply copying another poster’s design because that other movie was successful. You can almost hear the studio executive yelling at the poor graphic design intern “Let’s just put our main stars photos on it..ok make them bigger..I know what the audience wants! Ok now make it blue…make it moody…this is is a scary movie and nothing is scarier than blue!!! More blue!!!!!…nevermind just let me do it!! Go get me a coffee instead!”

Here’s some samples. Notice any similarities? I mean really how long would it take to make these in photoshop? There’s no creative concept, not much time or care at all put into these designs. They are just big glamor shots of the actors. We no longer value craftsmanship in our society it’s all about quick, easy, and cheap.

Now below are what I consider some good poster designs. Someone actually was allowed to use their talent and they took their time to put something together that’s unique and artistic. Isn’t that what the movies are supposed to be about anyways?