mullet lip balm

Over at Shuellers books in East Lansing there’s a small gift area I like to browse before I begrudgingly pay $50 for a design book. I can often find a few stocking stuffers there the night before Christmas or on a frantic rush for a last minute Valentine’s day present.

They always have some unique gifts that catch my designer’s eye. In particular there’s some great items from a company called BlueQ and it’s not so much the products themselves which is usually just an average assortment of lip balms, mouths sprays, soaps, and air fresheners, but it’s their stunning retro package designs and their edgy sense of humor that really makes them stand out from other gift ideas.

I personally love vintage style and retro designing and these are some great examples of it. It just goes to show that packaging design can sell if you do something unique and creative when given something ordinary to promote. Now if I can just fine someone willing to pay me to design them some Totally Awesome 80’s cologne packaging. “Smell like a 1984 Camaro’s interior after a summer BBQ. Cut-off Quiet Riot shirt not included.”