Mesh it up

Microsoft is attempting to tie all our data together on a single new platform across multiple devices like cell phones, mp3 players, laptops, desktops (yes including my Mac) and have it exist in a “cloud.” Okay I’m a little confused by how this thing is being marketed but the potential is definitely there. It’s sort of extends the permissions on a file folder into a virtual web zone that you can subscribe to from different devices (unfortunately meaning yet another thing to download to your individual machines to get it to work). Other people can subscribe to it as well and you can track changes in the folder through feeds. Like getting twitters on your documents that reside there and being able to access them anywhere from any device. What makes it interesting is that it can potentially extend to other services so I could take a picture with my iPhone then it automatically goes to my mesh and is sent to my flickr account automatically. I’m not sure Microsoft has a way to get a lock on this type of idea as many other companies and services are already bridging the gap between desktop, web services, and portable devices but it’s good to see some them batting some new ideas around. Check out their demo at